Ski Hire – Delivery and fitting

How it works

When you have completed the steps online to make your reservation we receive your order in the workshop and assign your preliminary delivery/fitting time.

The day before we are due to meet you in resort you will receive an sms message from us confirming your fitting time and letting you know that you can contact us via sms (by hitting reply). If you are delayed, or your plans change and you will be unable to meet us, we will agree a new time for you.

Assuming that all is well, you will then receive another sms when our driver is just around the corner letting you know that we will be with you shortly (especially handy if you have popped to the bar for a quick holiday drink).

When we meet you at your accommodation we will have the equipment you have ordered and a raft of useful tips and information. Each and every person will receive a personal fitting by a trained ski/board technician, who will ensure that you are comfortable with your equipment. Once we know you are happy with your gear we ask you to sign the little handheld delivery gizmo (as you would with a UPS parcel). At this point all that remains for now is to wish you a fantastic time on the hill!

If during your stay you want to change anything or try something new we just ask you to sms us (on
0044860025781) and we will get back to you with a suitable meeting time and place.

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