Our Technicians

All of our team are trained in the UK prior to arriving with us, where they then receive further ski rental specific training (there is a BIG difference between a sales technician who wants to sell you a pair of boots and a rental technician who wants to make sure that you have comfortable feet).

When we are happy with their level of training, we start fitting the local chalet staff, giving our guys a chance to fine tune their skills in a chalet environment.

We obviously hold an advantage, our technicians speak the same native language as you, the customer, (most of you are familiar with trying to explain in a second language that you ARE leaning forwards, and that your boots are still making your feet go numb…), and they are fully briefed to remove the mystique that sometimes surrounds boot fitting and reveal some of the tricks of the trade.

For example;

Tip one: At the start of the day don’t over-tighten your boots, keep them loose enough so that you can comfortably get your fingers down the back of your boot (calf) when in the sking/riding position. Do one run like this, by the time you get to the bottom the boots will be feeling too loose and you MUST then stop and tighten them further.

The advantage to this is that by slowly restricting the blood flow to your extremities in a controlled fashion allows your feet time to adjust and will reduce the amount of cramp you experience, particularly on day one and day two.

Tip two: when you stop, either to get on a chair or for lunch, DO NOT undo your boots completely (we have all seen people walking around restaurants or in resort with their boots completely undone haven’t we?).

Instead skiers can undo the bottom two clips leaving then notched into the same ratchet clip ready to clip back down when you are ready to go again. Snowboarders rarely feel the same way about their boots but can simply release a little tension on their strings in a similar fashion.

The advantage to this is that the blood does not rush back to your feet (which makes your feet swell), but does allow enough blood to flow in to relieve cramp, let you wriggle your toes (warming your feet) and means you are ready to go again as soon as you hop off the chair or finish your lunch. Next time you are on the hill take a good look around the footwear of the local ski instructors, you will notice many of them using this trick!

We could go on, but it would be a shame to reveal all our tricks online – you will just have to give us a try and see for yourself…

See you in resort!

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