How it works

Every now and then we all want to change something – either because something has failed, it just wasn’t what we expected or we have simply changed our minds because it is snowing (hurrah!).


1. If you have an emergency and need to change something urgently whilst you are on the mountain – i.e something has broken, a screw has come lose or your gear has been stolen…

Simply send us an sms (on 44 7786203970) as soon as you realise something is wrong – we will give you a quick call to ascertain what is going on and make arrangements to meet you with replacement gear.

We recommend that you send us an sms before you descend as this gives us extra time and avoids any standing about by you.

Most of the time we can be with you within half an hour and we guarantee to be with you within an hour.

What’s more, we do not close at lunch and we can usually meet you at the base station chair lift – or pretty close.

We understand that you have spent a lot of money on your holiday and we want to get you back out on the hill as quickly as we can.

2. If you get back to your ski chalet, apartment or hotel after a long day on the hill and want to try something new or make a change for any reason, send us an sms or let your host know.

We will drop you a line quickly to confirm a mutually good time to meet and we will meet you at your accommodation with your requested equipment.

There is no extra charge for any of this– it is all part of the Rental Republic service.

We are your personal ski butlers and we are here to help make your ski holiday enjoyable and hassle-free.



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