Terms and Conditions

This Agreement governs the rental of sports equipment by RENTAL REPUBLIC ski shops to the Client through the internet. Should the Client wish to rent snow sports equipment through this Internet Site he shall, in order to become a Client, register by filling in a form and following the instructions online, providing his surname, name and address.

According to the law, the Client is granted a right to access and modify any registered information held regarding him.

The rental of the sports equipment, as summarized on the internet site, will only be validated if the Client clicks to agree to the conditions described herein under.



« Client » shall mean any person renting equipment and paying the cost of this rental through rentalrepublic.co.uk Internet Site. The Client can rent equipment for several people but will be held solely responsible for all equipment by RENTAL REPUBLIC.


Article 1 Rental Prices and Payment Conditions
  • Rental Prices
  • Rental prices will vary depending on the type of equipment rented by the Client.
  • RENTAL REPUBLIC offers several categories of equipment that are described on the Internet Site together with the relevant prices.
  • RENTAL REPUBLIC may modify these categories during the holiday season together with the applicable prices.
  • Payment can be made only with a credit card (Visa, eurocard or Mastercard) which is recognized by the international network, PayPal.
  • The Client gives mandate to pay the total rental price when he validates the rental by giving his credit card number and its expiration date.
  • The Client will be sent an email confirming the rental. This email (and only this email), which includes a summary of the rental conditions, confirms and validates the transaction.
  • RENTAL REPUBLIC reserves the right to cancel any rental should the Card Network refuse payment.
Article 2 Usage of rental equipment
  • Should the Client not be able to pick up the equipment on the confirmed date of rental, he shall inform, in writing, RENTAL REPUBLIC as soon as possible.
  • The rental equipment will only be handed over to the Client. The Client shall present photographic identification as well as the email confirmation at the time of rental.
  • RENTAL REPUBLIC may store the details of the credit card used for the payment of the rental, in order to cover any loss or theft of the equipment and/or to cover cases in which the Client does not return the equipment, as defined in article 3. RENTAL REPUBLIC may also pre-authorise, at the time of payment, an amount equivalent to the total “insurance excess” of the rented equipment, such amount being debited from the credit card only in the case of loss or theft or unreturned equipment. This authorisation will lapse after a fixed period of time.
  • The client is automatically insured against damage to the equipment but there is an excess payable if the equipment is lost or stolen. A police report will be required.
  • The Client becomes fully responsible for the rental equipment as soon as it is issued to him.
  • The Client alone shall be the sole judge of whether he is capable of using the rental equipment.
Article 3 Return of the rented equipment and Liability of the Client
  • The equipment must be returned to the same shop/chalet where it was issued/delivered.
  • The equipment must be returned at the end of the defined and confirmed rental period. Should the Client not return the equipment on this date, he will be invoiced for and shall pay all additional days of rental at the public prices shown in the shop. The day rate applies to any piece of equipment returned after 10am.
  • Should the Client not be able to return the equipment for any reason whatsoever, he will be invoiced and shall pay RENTAL REPUBLIC’ any late fees, in addition to the excess and the rental fee already paid.
  • All equipment is deemed issued in a good state of order and shall be returned in the same state. All equipment is numbered and branded and shall be returned with the same number and brand. Any excessive damage, deemed to be negligent, will imply payment by the Client of replacement or repair costs. The maximum limit of the replacement / repair cost will be the cost of replacing the ‘as new’ equipment. This cost will be in addition to the rental costs already paid.
  • The Client hereby expressly agrees that RENTAL REPUBLIC may appropriate from his bank account any due amount in case of late or nonpayment of excess fees, by using the credit card number and expiration date given by the Client.
Article 4 Our waiver
  • Our waiver covers you for cancellation, loss, theft or damage to poles, boots or skis/snowboard.  For example, without our waiver, to replace a pole is a charge of 25€ and a lost pair of skis can be up to 500€. 
  • There is an excess of 50€ for skis and cancellation per group booking, everything else is replaced free of charge.
Article 5 Right to cancel the rental
    • We will only store your card details at the time of booking, in the event you do not take delivery of the equipment you will not be charged.
Article 6 Cancellation of the rental after equipment issue
      • Should you wish to cancel the remaining days of your rental please let customer services  know and we will charge you only for the days you have held the equipment.
Article 7 Miscellaneous
      • This agreement is subject exclusively to EU law.

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