Tips for comfy ski hire boots.

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Getting the right boots for your feet is easily the single most important element of your ski hire equipment.  It affects how you control your ski’s and therefore how you feel when you’re skiing. At Rental Republic we are proud that our trained staff have plenty of experience in foot morphology and will aim to match your foot to the best boot for you.  They will also measure each of your fit to get the best size!

It’s so important that you don’t compromise comfort for fit.  It’s easy to just get the size up – they’ll feel more comfy trying them on, but won’t do you any favours as you try and lean forward in your ski position.

If your toes don’t touch the end of the boot when you first put it on, it’s too big – and too big in length also means too big everywhere else. Once the boot is properly adjusted your toes will come back away from the front of the boot, the clips will hold your heel securely in the heel pocket and the overall feel should be like a firm handshake.


Here are our tips for making sure you get the right boot:

Trust your fitter

Allow our specialist fitters to guide you as to the best model and size. They are trained in foot morphology and will understand the best boot for your foot type. Be prepared to try a few pairs and don’t worry if they feel tighter than you’re used to. You’ll be grateful for the snugness once you get skiing as this will give you more control.

Be honest

Don’t exaggerate your ability level, as you may end up with boots that are uncomfortable and could hinder your progress.

Forget fashion

Leave the Russell Brand-style skinny jeans in your room. Instead, wear comfy trousers that are loose enough to roll up above the knees. Remember to wear a pair of ski or snowboard socks when trying on boots.

Speak up

If you’re unsure about anything during the fitting process, just ask. Your feedback is key to getting the right fit.  And our Fitters all have brilliant English, most as a first language so it’s easy to make yourself understood.

Look after your boots

Make sure you leave your boots fully done up in a warm place each night.  This will keep the right shape of the boot and make them more comfortable for you to get on the next day.  If you don’t have heated boot warmers in your accommodation, why not try out our boot warmers!




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