What It’s Like to Use Rental Republic – Insight from Skiers and Snowboarders

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The Rental Republic concept is pretty straightforward. Easy, convenient, and responsive service to help holiday makers enjoy smooth ski holidays and enjoy more time with friends and family. But what does that really mean? Does Rental Republic actually add extra value to a ski trip?

A few customers let us know. Here’s what they had to say:


Home base: FARNHAM Surrey

First Rental Republic experience: Chalet Pisteside / les Coches / 2012

Has used Rental Republic for: 6 years

The crew: Seven people with whom we have skied in 3V’s, la Plagne and les Arcs for at least 20 years… Di, Lise, Carol, Eileen, Chris, Robin and David

Gear rented: Skis

Highlights: Being in the mountains is a highlight to which we all look forward – the scenery, the friendship, the lunches, the story telling (not too much), the food, the wine and of course the ski hire!

Word on the mountain- our service in general:    Simply the best ski service we have experienced in 40 years skiing ; great skis, friendly knowledgeable staff  who put themselves out to help. Example; a few years ago Robin and l were skiing in a white out, he came off the edge of the piste and lost one ski completely. We negotiated our way to a chair lift and went down… on the way down l called the RR office and explained the situation – they diverted one of their technicians (who was in resort) to the bottom of the lift, met us and fitted Robin with new skis… that is service!

Btw… if you add up all our skiing years you get something like 285 years on the slopes and we all rate RR as the best ‘service’ any of us have experience.



Home base: (where you’re from) Hertfordshire

First Rental Republic experience: (where, when) Montchavin, 2007

Has used Rental Republic for: 11 years

The crew: (who do you ski with) Family (including 2 kids aged 9&7), friends

Gear rented: Skis, snowboards, helmets and boots

Highlights – your personal experience: Rental Republic is such a great idea. It cuts out the slog from chalet to ski shop and back again when you first arrive in resort, leaving time to crack open a beer and start your holiday in a relaxed mood. The kit arrives at your chalet door at a time that suits you. There’s always enough kit in the van to be able to get the correct sizing and set up so you can be sure you can get out on the mountain as quickly and seamlessly as possible. If you need to change anything during your stay, the team are with you quickly and without fuss so your riding isn’t interrupted. I can’t fault the service and it makes hiring kit so much easier and pain free!

Word on the mountain: -our service in general:  The Rental Republic team are always really friendly, knowledgable and efficient. They get you set up without any hassle and are always quick to respond if you need anything during your holiday. Regular texts & emails before you arrive put your mind at ease that your kit will be with you and check ups throughout your stay make you feel really looked after. A great personal service!



Home base: London

First Rental Republic experience: Montchavin, 2006

Has used Rental Republic for: Years and years

The crew: The university ski crew and their growing broods

Gear rented:

Skis, poles, helmet. The kit is always good quality and kept in good condition. I’m only fortunate enough to ski once a year at most, buying my own stuff is unnecessary. Rental Republic offer the next best thing.

Word on the mountain:

Everything about the RR service is easy. Delivery to your chalet, friendly fitting and easy changes. On my last trip, I was skiing with one of my best friends and her family. We were due to leave the resort on her birthday but decided to sneak in a quick half day blast on the mountain without the kids before the coach arrived. We extended our kit with one quick text. Best birthday ever!

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