Your guide to your first ski holiday as a family part 2

Date: 1st March 2018 | Categories: News


Back to School, Ski School!

Once you know where and when you are going the next thing you need to do is get ski school booked for the little ones.  Some people make the mistake of teaching their own kids to ski.  Whilst this may work for the very few, for the rest of us it ends at best with unhappy, crying kids coming down the mountain on their backsides, and at worst, they actually injure themselves and can’t ski for the rest of the week! Bang goes your dream of the annual winter family holiday.

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To help get you started with looking at ski schools we have found a fantastic kids book to help your little ones get excited!

Written by Nick Robinson, founder and CEO of Maison Sport. Jacob’s First Ski Holiday follows Jacob’s journey through excitement and nervousness about his upcoming trip, to his pride at mastering his first turns and elation at the feeling of skiing down the piste. It also contains some handy tips that will help readers in their first lessons.


A new trend in booking ski school that is definitely worth checking out is one of the number of new Ski School aggregator websites that are available that compare the huge market of ski instructors, from the big schools to the private qualified instructors to help you find what is just right for your group, and at the best price!

The best guys to check out here are Ongosa or Maison Sport, their friendly staff will help put together everything you need to help you get sorted for your holiday.

If you would like to go for one of the more traditional ski schools, we recommend one of the smaller independent schools if there’s one in your chosen resort. They tend to have smaller class sizes and be a little more intimate. Nothing worse than seeing your kids descend the mountain in a snake in 15th place! I mean really what are they learning from colleague number 14! Check out Evolution 2 or Magic in Motion for some great smaller ski schools.

Ski school gets booked up surprisingly quickly so book early to get the pick of the best ski schools available in your resort.

Oh and once you’re there, don’t forget to put a snack bar in your kids pocket.  There’ll always be a snack stop so the little ones can refuel their tired legs!

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