Kathy Horton said:

Fantastic service. The guys on delivery were brilliant, relaxed and friendly. Would definitely use you again. Customer Service for you is absolutely key – and it was great!

Leanne Fitter said:

Very convenient and great service. I liked the regular messages throughout the week checking the equipment was ok or if it needed servicing.

Sarah Rutter said:

The service was unbelievably good. Better than anything I've ever experienced before and I've rented 11 times so far!

Jayne Simpson said:

I had 3 changes of boots over the week and it was never a problem to you – thought your reps professional and courteous at all times - Brillant experience all round!

Ski Hire France Rental Republic

We are the No 1 in ski hire because we know this is all about customer service…

First Night… where do you want to spend that?Relaxing or heading out to find a ski rental shop – to then carry your gear back to a minibus or worse walk back …

Your children need to go to bed after that early start? No problem – we will revisit the next morning in plenty of time for ski school.

We will measure BOTH of your feet, making sure you have the right boots and that you know how you put them on properly each morning.

If the boot choices we bring when we arrive don’t fit – we change them.

If your skis need waxing on day three, we will change them. Need a longer pair? We are just a text message away and we fit in around your holiday…

Last night… where do you want to spend that? Counting helmets in a ski shop somewhere, or feet up by the fire while our guys count helmets for you?

Online booking… book online, it is straight forward and we are on hand to advise via telephone or LIVE-chat. A trend and style that you will see continue throughout your experience of our service.

Talking to us…   24 hours before you travel we will SMS you a fitting window. You can reply to this message once you are on you way if you need to tell us you have been delayed or have arrived early and we will rearrange your window to suit, we will also follow up with you on      day one and two of your stay to ensure that you have everything you need.

Meeting each other… Please do not feel you should wait for us when you have arrived in resort. When your technician is 20 minutes away from your accommodation he will send you an SMS to let you know he is just around the corner, we do this to ensure that you do not have to hang around and can explore the resort pop out for groceries and have complete confidence that we are doing the hard work.

Fitting… Each member of your party will receive a personal equipment fitting from our qualified ski technician and we carry a LOT of spare boots to each fitting to make sure that we leave you all with comfortable feet. If we feel you are better suited to a boot that we have in stock in the distribution centre then we will bring that for you to make SURE you have the right boots.

During the week… We offer a daily call out service for any problems. If you need to make any changes between 08:00 and 20:00 – we can meet you at your accommodation or at an easily recognisable local landmark.

All done?… At the end of your stay we will pop round to collect all your gear.

If you have a problem with your boots, skis or equipment or you want to try a different pair of skis, boots or snowboard simply SMS us on: +44 7860025482 or let your chalet host know that you need your ski tech and we will be there.

We operate a call out service (free of charge) in each resort every morning and evening and our emergency response team operates throughout the day (8am and 8pm) to ensure we are always on hand. We can even meet you at the base lift and its faster than going back to a traditional shop to change something.

At the end of your stay we pick up all the equipment leaving you free to pack your bags and relax, instead of struggling down to the local shops with an armful of skis.